The Snap Hunt

Roles: Art Director & Concept Artist.

This is the concept for The Snap Hunt, which was a personal indie game project I worked on in 2018 with a group of 5 other people.

Inspired by 70’s and 80’s B-horror films, pop culture conspiracy theories & camera geekiness, we wanted to create a different type of first person shooter game.

Featured by The Gadget Show on Channel 5, Rock-Paper-Shotgun and at EGX 2018 with Tranzfuser the first prototype and game play of The Snap Hunt was well received.

All 3D development was done by the guys at Darkroom Interactive.

The project is no longer in development.

An overview of our progress in the first month of Tranzfuser 2018. Follow our social media for further updates! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
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